What is your return policy? 

CynLes Boutique will gladly accept specific merchandise returns purchased through the CynLes Boutique website as stated in our Return Policy. 
For detailed information regarding returns, please review our Return Policy under Terms and Conditions.






When Will A Specific Item Be Back In Stock?
Generally, we do not restock ready-to-wear merchandise. If there is a specific product you want and it has “Sold Out” you may email a request to and we will do our best to provide the item to you.  If we are able to attain the item, please take into consideration that express delivery will not be available.
What if I just ordered something yesterday and now there is a sale?
Coupons and Promo Codes have “effective” and “expiration” dates.  They cannot be applied to Items ordered or purchased before or after the specified active dates.  
Where Does Your Merchandise Come From?
CynLes Boutique strives to keep our Big City Fashion Gals equipped with the fashions to accommodate her Big City Lifestyle.  In order to accomplish such a task, we explore high and low, near and far and everywhere in between to bring to you the latest designs and trends in Fashionista.